Who am I?

Nobody could teach me who am I!
Someone can describe parts of me, but who I am and what I need is something I have to find out myself.

I just know, I am a boy having a very big heart full of love for my country, countrymen, my family and friends.

I am a humane with sympathies for who have their nights sleeping beside the street I walk through.

I feel sad for that graybeard man and the goody, who lost everything they had. They might have a son, and that unlucky man left them.

I really feel sorrow, when I see the flood inundates and ruins a village. Cattle floats and goes away, then what the farmer can do is just crying.

I am happy to see a baby learns walking taking its mom’s hand with his angelic fingers.

I feel glad, when I see a young helps an old man crossing a busy road.

I become gleeful, I know when one of your friends wants you to participate in a bad thing and you don’t go.

Who am I?

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