Transfer large files from one server to another in seconds

Few days ago, I was working for one my clients from the USA. I was asked to transfer his site from BlueHost to HostGator! The task was so easy. I told him that, it may require around one hour to transfer his entire site.

But, when I logged in to the cPanel, I wonder that, total file size to be transferred is around 1GB. It’ll take two and half hours ONLY to download the site to my local server! Now what?

I used the script below.


How to use:

  1. Create a new file on your destination server. Say, file.php
  2. Copy the code above and paste it to file.php
  3. Go to your source server via file manager/FTP. Zip entire site.
  4. Run your file.php and give the URL of zipped file of the source. Click Submit. Wait for seconds till the page reloads.
  5. Go to destination server. Amazing! The file is here! Unzip it.
  6. You are done! It’ll take dramatically very small time!

Note: if you wish to move the files to a specific folder in the destination, just ‘uncomment’ line# 13 and replace download with your own folder name.

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