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How to clone or add new user roles – WordPress

WordPress is probably the best CMS (Content Management System) application to create dynamic websites easily. It shortens your development time and makes you comfortable.

In my previous post, I discussed about How to rename user roles in WordPress. It will be a nice solution if you have below or equal to 5 member types in your site. But, if you need more member types?

Nothing to be worried mate. You can create new user types easily. There are 2 ways, creating a brand new role with selected capabilities or cloning an existing user role!

How to clone a user role?

How to clone a user role?Just decide, which existing user role are you going to copy or clone for your WordPress? This copy means- copying capabilities of an existing user role! Let’s assume, we are going to create a new user role ‘Writer’ which will have similar capabilities as existing user role ‘Author’.
Copy the code below and paste them into functions.php of your theme (located at ../wp-content/themes/your_theme_name/functions.php)

How to add a new user role?

How to add a new user role?This is so simple as above example. Copy the code below, open your functions.php file and paste them. It creates a new user role ‘Blogger’ who can read, (write) and edit posts, but cannot delete them. (Please go to this page to know the List of capabilities WordPress has.)

That’s it. Try it yourself and let me know if you face any difficulties.

How to rename user roles – WordPress

How to rename user roles of WordPress? By default WordPress has five user roles. They are Subscriber, Contributor, Author, Editor and Administrator. Each of them has different capabilities and access levels in WordPress where Administrator is the most powerful and Subscriber is the lowest. An Administrator can do almost everything and a Subscriber can do almost nothing! (See for details)

Let’s think, you are developing a website for booking hotels online. There will be 3 type of members. Free member, Premium member and Manager. Now what? You can assign Editor as Manager, Author as Premium member and Contributor as Free member for example. It may solve your problem, but doesn’t it look odd? Of-course. Then what is the solution?

You can rename user roles to whatever you want. Here is how to do:

How to rename user roles

  • Open your theme’s functions.php file. This file is located at ../wp-content/themes/your_theme_name/functions.php
  • Copy the code below. Double click on code to make them copyable.

  • Paste them inside <?php and ?> tags of functions.php file.
  • Save.
  • You are done.

Now go to ../wp-admin/users.php and see the changes!