Get back to an older version of WordPress (Downgrade WP)

Usually we upgrade an application for some reasons like security, new features etc. But, sometimes we may need to downgrade WP (or any application).

Few days ago, I was using a theme for one of my WordPress sites. A newer version of WP released and I upgraded it. Then I faced a problem. The pagination system was not working with new version of WP. So, I had to downgrade WP!

You may face this problem too! What should you do? Because, unlike upgrading, there is no option for downgrading your WordPress!

See, how did I downgrade WP-

1) You must know, which version of WP you were using. Go to this link and download that version. Link:
2) Extract (Unzip) that ZIP file in you computer. You’ll find a lot of files including folders named wp-admin, wp-contents and wp-includes. Copy wp-admin and wp-includes folders. See the image below:

Downgrade WP

3) Delete wp-admin and wp-includes folders from your server.
৪) Upload wp-admin and wp-includes folders to your server.

Hope, your problem will be solved. I followed this way and I was succeeded. Whole process is silly risky. So, be careful. I’ll not be liable for any damages. For additional security, you may back-up your old files.

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