Edit Next Post – my 16th plugin published on the WP repository

As I’m a man of Open Source, I always try to give back to the community. I already had 15 plugins published in WordPress repository. And today, the 16th one just added in the list. Of course free and Open Source.

Edit Next Post, the plugin you’ll always need
Imagine when you have a lot of posts in your WordPress site and you are going to edit some of them. You’ll have to go to posts’ archive page repeatedly in wp-admin area and choose one to edit.

Isn’t is disgusting? What about an easy way to switch between posts in the edit screen?

Yes, that’s what I’m talking about. Just install Edit Next Post and you are done.

Edit Next Post

It’ll show a meta box at top-right of the edit screen that allows to switch between posts.  So-

  • You can switch between posts with a single click.
  • It works for posts, pages or custom post types.
  • You can search posts as well.

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